In a world constantly reshaping the narrative of luxury, Meune emerges as a vanguard of 'New Luxury'.

This term transcends the fleeting charm of opulence, delving into the domains of authentic elegance, ethical production, and meticulous craftsmanship. Unlike traditional luxury that often basks in excess and grandiosity, New Luxury cherishes the profound stories, the adept hands, and the mindful practices embedded in every creation.


At Meune, every thread unfolds a tale of tradition, every stitch embodies a commitment to ethical fashion, and every design mirrors a harmonious blend of timeless aesthetics and contemporary relevance.

Our collections are more than mere garments; they are a harmonious dialogue between the age-old artisanal heritage of Andean communities, the elegant minimalism of Parisian style, and the excellence of French craftsmanship.

Responsible and Ethical Production

The authentic elegance in Meune's pieces emanates from the limited-edition collections, each infused with a distinct narrative and a unique cultural essence.

The craftsmanship is a homage to the skilled artisans whose lifetime of expertise is finely woven into the fabric of every garment.

The stance on ethical production isn't merely a tag line, but a solemn pledge to sustainable, responsible practices that honour both the natural world and the nurturing human spirit.

The essence of New Luxury lies in the rich tapestry of narratives, the celebration of artisanal heritage, and the promise of a more conscientious approach to fashion.

It's about appreciating the hands that craft, the minds that innovate, and the hearts that uphold ethical values in the pursuit of elegance.

This nuanced understanding of luxury mirrors a deep respect for tradition while embracing modern sensibilities, encapsulating a vision of fashion that's as mindful as it is beautiful.

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French Excellence and Know-how

Meune's journey of creating exquisite garments begins in the fashion capital of the world, Paris.

By sourcing surplus fabrics from high-end French fashion houses, we not only embrace a sustainable practice but also ensure a quality unparalleled.

These fabrics find their new purpose at the esteemed Hawa au Féminin Atelier, where skilled artisans meticulously craft Meune's garments.

The atelier, known for its commitment to emancipating women in vulnerable situations, resonates with our ethos of social responsibility.

Further adorned with Andean textiles, each piece emerges as a confluence of Parisian elegance, sustainable practice, and profound craftsmanship. Through this endeavour, Meune stands as a testimony to the boundless possibilities of ethical fashion.

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L'Essence du Nouveau Luxe chez Meune

This is the ethos of New Luxury – a luxury that exudes depth, meaning, and a quiet, powerful elegance that speaks volumes.

In the realm of Meune, New Luxury is an invitation to journey through a more thoughtful and enriching narrative of fashion, one that not only adorns the body but also enriches the soul with its essence.

Through Meune, discover a new dimension of luxury that's as enriching to the soul as it is pleasing to the eye.

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