MEUNE crafts unique pieces that weave stories, carry messages of hope, and invite introspection about our role in the universe. E

ach creation is a posed question, a proposed journey, a shared practice. MEUNE is a lifestyle rooted in cultural and artisan heritage. Our commitment to a circular and solidarity-based economy flourishes in the valuation of Andean and French ancestral traditions.


Meune relies on upcycling, an innovative practice that reuses unsold stocks, end-of-life materials and existing clothing to create new pieces distinct from their origins.

This transformation is fundamental to our ethics, a sign of a strong commitment to circularity within the fashion industry. This is reflected in our fabric sourcing, our creation process, and the production of our exceptional collections in the heart of Paris, a living testament to the new luxury.

Ancestral Crafts

Meune forges strong relationships with South America's indigenous people to celebrate their rich culture and traditional crafts like weaving.

Nahir, our creator, visits her home country of Argentina twice annually.

During these visits, she collaborates with local indigenous weavers to create limited edition, artisanal pieces that add to our unique and sustainable clothing collections. We believe in fair trade and don’t bargain over the price or time they need to create their woven art.

Nahir thus co-creates with these women the pieces that will later sublimate his creations. MEUNE respects this collaboration and does not negotiate with the craftswomen, and accepts unconditionally the value and production time they propose for their work.