Sales policy

For several years now, we have seen a shift in commercial calendars: promotions are becoming more frequent, without any commercial logic.

In order to be transparent and respectful to our customers, we want to have total transparency on our commercial policy and precisely explain how and on what basis the MEUNE commercial calendar is defined.

In this global context of sales and repeated promotional campaigns, we are losing the true notion of collection and creation. Originally, sales were intended to sell less popular products in order to avoid unused merchandise stocks. Gradually, they have become an end in themselves and for many, a means of practicing higher prices to compensate for increased activity during marked-down promotions. This approach is contrary to the values and founding pillars of MEUNE.

At MEUNE, we offer exceptional pieces in limited series, in reasonable quantities. All of our creations are initially offered for pre-order at a special value. This process allows us to optimize our stocks, ensure the continuity of our responsible approach, and produce the most fair quantity in our Parisian workshop. This limits overproduction and overstocking of unsold items as much as possible. Some pieces may also be offered in limited quantities after pre-order at the initial value according to your demands.

This is our way of preserving privileged access for you and not multiplying promotional offers that would depreciate their true value. Our collections are conceived and designed with a deep attachment to quality, craftsmanship, the people committed throughout the manufacturing process, and the work of the noblest materials. We practice values of creation in line with this degree of requirements.

Why don't we have sales?

Every season, MEUNE offers new exceptional pieces through a collection that tells a story, inspired by human encounters and life experiences. All of our pieces are iconic, timeless limited-edition creations that will be renewed from season to season. We produce products in just the right quantity to last, which is why we never have sales. This approach allows you to participate in a more equitable economy.

What do we do with our unsold items?

The implementation of pre-ordering allows us to manage our stock to the maximum and almost have no unsold items. If this does happen, the timelessness and uniqueness of our creations allow us to always offer them on our online store at the initial value.

This desire to clarify our commercial policy is in line with our commitment to a more responsible fashion. A rigorous approach based on exceptional collections, structured in local, artisanal, reasonable, and reasonable production has a fair value.