This approach, a cornerstone of the new luxury, allows for thoughtful production that respects the rhythm of artisanal creation and minimizes environmental impact.

It's a gentle revolution towards a more ethical and conscious fashion.

A novel idea

Pre-ordering is a practice that revolutionises our relationship with production and consumption, favouring the creation of rare and exceptional pieces in a responsible production dynamic.

The principle is rather simple: to produce only what will be purchased, in other words, the collections are launched according to the number of pieces ordered. A production without unsold pieces, pieces co-created with our community having expressed its needs and expectations.

This system allows you to acquire a rare item at a fair price that will never be sold out. An ethically and environmentally responsible alternative.


Producing the right amount

Knowing the number of orders placed allows us to produce the right amount of pieces.

Avoiding stocks 

Pre-ordering avoids surplus production of pieces and, thus, stocking unsold items. The final price of the piece is therefore exempt from these additional costs.

Avoid sales that devalue clothes

Sales are a way of getting a good deal, but they also raise a few issues that we set out in our sales policy.

To break out of this (un)virtuous circle, we set the fairest possible entry price.

Increase the desire for one's purchase

The pre-order, because of its later delivery, offers you the possibility to reconsider your relationship with time and to appreciate more the awaited moment when you receive your exceptional piece.

Moving away from the rhythm of the collections

We offer clothes regardless of the season, in contrast to the relentless pace of fast-fashion collections. This puts the quality of the piece back at the centre and encourages conscious and sustainable buying that is not influenced by trends or seasonality.

Own a rare, limited edition pieces

The quantity of pieces produced depends on the orders placed. Thus, the collections are launched in limited series, the opportunity to acquire a rare and exceptional piece.

How it works

Pre-ordering is an ideal way to launch young, innovative brands like MEUNE.

You order items that are not yet manufactured, which means that you help finance the project before it is completed.

All products are initially offered for pre-order at a special value.

This process allows us to optimise our stocks, to ensure the continuity of our responsible approach and to produce the right quantity in our workshop in Paris. This allows us to limit overproduction and overstocks of unsold products as much as possible.

When one of our exceptional pieces is offered for pre-order, it is because it is not yet produced. We need some time to produce it. The estimated delivery date is displayed on each item details. 

We will do our best to get it to you as soon as possible. This can take between 3 and 4 weeks, or more depending on the article. We will keep you informed by email at each stage.

Some products may also be offered in limited quantities after pre-ordering at initial value (excluding pre-order discount) according to your requests.

Support "Slow Fashion"

Pre-ordering a piece allows you to indulge responsibly, enriching your wardrobe in a mindful way. Backing innovative initiatives is a way to commit as a consumer and citizen, encouraging slow fashion brands in their endeavours.