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Founder's Editorial: A Reflective Journey Amidst Fashion Week 2023

Dear esteemed readers,

As the enchanting aura of the latest Paris Fashion Week gradually dissolves, a meditative dialogue brews within my conscience. The glamour and grandeur of the runway often veil the pressing global narratives that echo through the hallways of the fashion industry.

The week-long spectacle, while a celebration of creativity and style, also nudges a contemplative space within me to explore the intersection of fashion with social responsibility and environmental stewardship. In this letter, I unravel my thoughts on how fashion weeks, transcending their conventional roles, can morph into conduits for meaningful discourse and action toward a more sustainable and inclusive fashion paradigm.

Join me in this reflective expedition as we dissect the potential of fashion weeks to echo beyond the runway.


  fashion week 2023

Letter from the Founder  fashion week 2023

As the latest fashion week in Paris wraps up, I find myself drawn into a reflective space. There's a conversation that's been simmering within me, a dialogue about the role of fashion weeks amidst the pressing issues we face today.  fashion week 2023

We are at a critical point in time, grappling with social inequalities and the growing call for collective responsibility. In this light, I ponder: Can fashion weeks continue to be just spectacular showcases of artistry and a hub for business dealings? Or is there room for them to shoulder a greater responsibility, engaging in meaningful issues that resonate globally?  fashion week 2023

Peeling back the layers of glamour, I wonder if fashion weeks, known for their artistic flair, could evolve into genuine platforms for meaningful change. For instance, the British Fashion Council has been championing sustainability initiatives like Positive Fashion, a platform celebrating sustainable practices and encouraging businesses to adopt them. While not perfect, this initiative echoes a broader recognition within the fashion industry of the pressing need to align with global sustainability goals.

The digitalization of fashion weeks has been hailed as a significant step towards inclusivity. London Fashion Week went digital in 2020, which made it accessible to a global audience. Yet, has the digitalization of fashion weeks truly heralded a new era of inclusivity? While they are more accessible, they lack of the tangible experience and networking opportunities that physical events offer. This dichotomy presents a complex scenario for stakeholders in the fashion industry to navigate.

The discussions and commitments made during the Copenhagen Fashion Summit reverberate the potential of fashion weeks. They unveil the horizon where these events transcend a mere celebration of style, morphing into catalysts for industry-wide change.

Critics argue that injecting too many external agendas might dilute the essence of fashion weeks. They often emphasize the importance of preserving the artistic and commercial essence of these events. Yet, I can't help but wonder, is clinging to tradition a viable stance among the pressing demands of our contemporary landscape?

I firmly believe in the transformative power of fashion. Fashion weeks, with their grandeur and creativity, hold the potential to transcend their current roles. How can we steer the conversation from fleeting trends towards enduring sustainability?

Furthermore, the role of media is instrumental in shaping perceptions around these events. More often than not, fashion weeks are portrayed as part of a distant, glitzy showbiz, detached from the pressing realities we face. The narrative spun by media can either elevate these events to platforms of meaningful discourse or relegate them to mere spectacles of extravagance. By spotlighting the sustainable and inclusive endeavors within the fashion week circuits, the media can help shift the narrative, making fashion weeks more relevant and impactful in our contemporary setting.

Fashion Weeks exudes exclusivity yet wields significant influence over culture. While precise figures are elusive, these events attract hundreds of journalists and bloggers eager to cover them. However, the mainstream media spotlight continues to prioritize showbiz glamour over a deeper cultural responsibility to promote positive impact and ethical practices.

While the idea of Fashion Weeks shifting their narrative to become cornerstones for advancing global sustainability and inclusivity, leveraging their grandeur and creativity, is noble and holds the potential to transcend their current role, the question remains:

What are our chances?

 fashion week 2023

Nahir - Designer & Founder of MEUNE.

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