Meüne - Slow Fashion



A slowly and mindfully created piece of art to wear beautiful values.

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Meüne is a project that exists because of a strong will to show others that fashion can do better for people and our planet.

We created this project to take a stand and be a part of the fashion transformation. Meüne brings sustainably and ethically made denim clothes that are inspired by and partly handcrafted by the indigenous communities in the Andes. But we have far bigger ambitions than that. Meüne is also an environmental and social activism project that runs fashion awareness campaigns and social projects in Latin America.

'Slow clothing is a philosophy. It is a way of thinking about, choosing, and wearing clothes to ensure they bring meaning, value and joy to every day' - Jane Millourn


Our core principles

Ethics and sustainability

Ethical, Fair Labor & Worker centering.

Cruelty Free.

Knowing who made our clothes.

Responsibly sourced.

Natural and organic materials only.

Made in France.

Timeless designs that don’t follow seasons.

High quality.

Made to last.

Transparency & Traceability.

Slow fashion philosophy.

Conscious use of clothes.

Local Craftmanship.

Reviving ancient knowledge.

Traditional weaving techniques.

Women Empowerment.

Collaborating with Indigenous communities.

Cocreating the future of fashion.

Circularity & Short production cycle.

Biodegradable & recycled materials.

Reducing waste.

Activism & Advocacy.

Social and environmental justice.

Making fashion safe for all.

Low environmental impact

Zero waste, on-demand manufacturing.

Reduced Carbon Footprint.

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Conventional denim, especially when produced massively, is one of the most unsustainable fashion materials on the planet. Exactly because of that, we decided to change how it is produced and consumed and use this material to turn fashion into a fair and regenerative force. To make artisanal embroidery, we use alpaca wool. This wool is bought directly from the small, and free- range herds in Peru. To make the denim fabric, we use 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and produce in a family-owned, green mill in Italy. We carefully source all of our raw materials responsibly and sustainably and from suppliers with whom we established a personal relationship.

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We love and admire art and the skill of handmade clothing. Unfortunately, with the mass and industrial production, the handmade work lost its value and is in danger of disappearing. With Meüne, we want to celebrate and pay a special homage to the ancestral and traditional techniques of the native communities in The Andes. This kind of art is generations-old and should be there for the future. This is why we incorporate this art in our denim design: to reclaim it for the present and future while recognising the people who make it in the process.

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