Rencontrez Joana, tisserande Mapuche au sein de MEUNE

Meet Joana, Mapuche weaver at MEUNE


MEUNE works with indigenous communities in Argentina who make handwoven textiles for its creations.

MEUNE values its work with Andean communities around craftsmanship and its importance within their traditions.

MEUNE invites you to reflect on the importance and richness that this culture can bring to our world and why it is essential to take an interest in its principles, dynamics, and values.

MEUNE's work with weavers is a priority, and we have proposed to interview them, so they can tell you more about their personal journey in weaving, their culture, and their work with MEUNE.

Today, we are interviewing Joana, who worked with MEUNE for the textile decorations of our exceptional pieces, MAWE et WILLO.








Can you tell us a little about your personal history?

My name is Joana Millapi Hlapi, I was born in Lof Atreuco, about 30 km from Junin de los Andes. I live in Atreuco.

What is the importance of weaving in Mapuche culture?

Mapuche weaving is important for our culture because our ancestors made their own clothes for personal use, and the patterns and colors have their own meaning.

How did you start weaving and why?

I asked for help from my cousin, my paternal grandmother passed away when I was very young and unfortunately couldn't teach me. I really love weaving.

Are there any other weavers in your family?

Yes, my mother is a knitting needleworker.

Do you have any other occupations besides weaving?

I recently came back from Quimeltufe, for now, I'm just weaving.

What would you like to see in the future regarding Mapuche weaving?

I would like more young people to learn to weave and not miss out on this beautiful thing, like Mapuche weaving.

How do you feel about seeing your work in MEUNE's creations?

I am very happy and grateful that Nahir chose me to weave the decorations for her clothes.

What do you think about the work you do with MEUNE?

I think the MEUNE project is very interesting, this project of recovering indigenous knowledge.

Are there any changes you would like to see for the Mapuche people?

I would like to see more weavers join us and that our culture is not lost. I would like our ancestral weavings to be better known and that more people in the world can enjoy them, because entire families depend on them.




The transmission and preservation of cultural and natural heritage are at the heart of MEUNE.

Matters of identity and transmission are closely linked. It is through the transmission of culture that the roots of each individual's identity can be built.

Far from wanting to preserve traditional knowledge of Andean peoples in the past, MEUNE is convinced that by collaborating with indigenous communities, we contribute to valuing their heritage, but above all, to continue to make it live.

Living, cultural or natural heritages are an important factor in maintaining cultural diversity in the face of growing globalization and are also a barrier against the massive destruction of natural resources.


Written and translated from Spanish to French and English by Nahir, creator and founder of MEUNE.


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