a girl in the middle of the road a girl in the middle of the road

When my life turned upside down.
Long before the Pandemic.

Hey! I’m MEÜNE creator Cherry picking from our garden. These photos were taken a few days ago to send to our families.

This is how my life looks like since the pandemic. Away from Paris and the crowded streets, in a beautiful traditional house in Normandy. I think it’s a nice way to share my story with you:

My name is Nahir, I’m from Argentina. I grew up in a small village, called Carhué (it means “green place” in Mapuche).

After studying for 5 years in Buenos Aires, I got my “23-year-old dream job” in an international investment bank, as a Business Associate. It took me 8 months to realize that any level of injustice, discrimination, forced competition or ruthless environment was unbearable to me; and 2 years to be brave enough to quit the job and jump over the precipice (well, I reckon it felt like it). That was the tipping point. I’ve been very lucky. I started travelling & connecting with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

The last “expedition I made was last year to meet the artisans who will be weaving beautiful fabrics for you! I’ve been most of the time on the mountains, but in different places. I had to travel through isolated places with incredibly high altitudes (Northern Argentina and Southern Peru) the desert (Atacama, Chile), snowy peaks (Colca Canyon) in order to get to them! I was on my own and it was a hell of a trip! I wouldn’t change a thing, it was an extraordinary experience where I found a lot of missing pieces in my life.

my trip in Peru my trip in Peru

There was this moment when I realized I wasn’t growing at a professional level anymore but at a personal level. I was cultivating myself in ways I’ve never imagined. I wanted things to stay that way. Living outside my comfort zone allowed me to know myself much better: my greatest strengths as well as my deepest weaknesses. I’ve nurtured my self-awareness. I’ve always been a conscious person, but there are some experiences that magnify everything and you can see much clearer how you truly want to live your life.

5 years ago, I met the man who took these pictures I’m sharing with you. I fell in love, moved to Paris & learnt French to be able to work. It wasn’t easy, it still isn’t. I miss my family & friends. I think about them every step of the way. I’m deeply grateful to have them. They supported each of every mad idea I’ve come up with, every time.

I came here to find a job which keeps me growing as a person, to finish my day feeling glad & happy for doing it. You guessed... never found it. After a few job experiences in Paris (more deceiving than revealing), I’ve come to understand that if you want to do something that matters to you, or work for a change in something you believe in: you might do it yourself.

girl at the top of machu pichu girl at the top of machu pichu