a girl in the middle of the road a girl in the middle of the road

The longest road she ever travelled.
She made it.
I'm MEÜNE & this is my story.

My seed started to germinate more than 3 years ago, when my creator decided to take action against fast fashion after living in Paris, “la capitale de la mode”, for more than 5 years now. She (yes, she’s a woman) grew tired of all the issues it brings in the modern world. Only 2 facts out of over a thousand are more than enough to get the picture straight:

1 - The fashion industry is the second largest polluter of clean water globally after agriculture.

2 - More than 300.000 farmers and farm workers in India have committed suicide since 1995 during cotton production, mainly due to their inability to repay loans mostly taken from landlords and banks.

She thought to herself: “to love fashion doesn’t mean our clothes to come at the cost of people or our planet, something need to change… NOW.”

It was a long road with several pitfalls. Going back and forward more times than I can count. She embarked alone in a boat without knowing how to sail it and in a journey without final destination. She had to figured it out by herself along the way, to finally arrive to me: a project which existence and creation is only based in the willingness to show others we can be & do better for people & our world.

The fashion revolution is now happening, and she's on its side.

#who made my clothes

She gets it, and to deliver as vowed, she’s is creating authentic denim wear pieces, organic cotton comes directly from farmers certified fair work and respectful to the environment. These beautiful creations will be made in France in small family ateliers, in a short process cycle.

She's also helping indigenous communities in The Andes, who have an exquisite millenarian cultural tradition of weaving, now in danger of disappearance.

They handcraft wool woven fabrics naturally dyed and sourced from families who have had free-ranging Alpaca herds for more than 4 generations now in The Andes heights. This wool, responsible and animal cruelty free, once properly woven will be fused with the denim pieces to make unique creations.

woman weaving woman weaving

She's taking care of it all now and she's eager to show you everything ASAP! Click here to know her story! I’m looking at her right now as she wonders… ”Am I gonna make it?”.

I know she will, she’s a woman.